Engagement Rings

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Browse handmade engagement rings that are exclusive to Simon West Fine Jewellery in Melbourne. We offer contemporary diamond rings, art deco bands, and custom creations inspired by you.

Wedding Bands

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Choose from a wide selection of elegant and creative designer men’s wedding bands and ladies wedding rings, ranging in modern and vintage designs. We also custom-create bands with engravings.

Eternity Rings

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Select from a range of Diamond, White Gold, Gold and Platinum Eternity Rings. Primarily given as a gift to commemorate a special occasion or milestone with your loved one.

Fine Hand made Jewellery in the heart of Melbourne


Custom Designed Diamond Rings & Wedding Bands Melbourne

Simon West Fine Jewellery is your source for the finest handmade engagement rings and diamond wedding rings Melbourne has to offer. You’ll find us located in the diamond district in Melbourne CBD, Victoria Australia. We source, design and create jewellery to help mark and celebrate life’s precious milestones and provide the highest standard of personalized service for custom jewellery Melbourne-wide.

Personalised and Dedicated Service

We do more than just design our jewellery for you, we create the heirlooms with you. When you take your piece with you, there’s a real sense we have started your story. It will be worn with pride, grow with you each day, and be treasured, not just in your lifetime, but left as a legacy for generations to come. Years from now, milestones sketched today can continue to be celebrated forever with jewellery.

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ethical diamonds - Simon West uses diamonds and gems from ethical sources

Ethically Sourced Diamonds

We source our diamonds from many parts of the globe including Australia Canada, Mumbai, Israel & Belgium. All our diamonds are guaranteed conflict-free and are mostly GIA certified. Our diamond suppliers deliver a chain of custody protocol for their diamonds and have the ability to follow and separate most diamonds by origin. Simon West’s diamond suppliers are required to source diamonds that originate from specific mine operators who follow internationally recognised labour, trade, and environmental standards.