Men’s Wedding Ring

Selecting the right wedding band for your husband-to-be may likely require having to add a little more function to its fashion – meaning that in order to find the most suitable men’s wedding bands Melbourne wide, you may need to consider more than how it looks and take into account how it feels on the finger

When considering a wedding band for a man, one big factor is how comfortable the ring feels on the finger. I usually recommend a ‘comfort fit’ for wedding bands for men. The reason for this is that men usually choose a much wider wedding rings than the ladies.

To ensure you make the right wedding band selection consider the width of the band. The majority of wedding rings sold to men in the market place are between 5mm and 7mm wide with 6mm width being the most popular for the men’s handmade wedding bands.

Choose the Best Men’s Wedding Rings In Melbourne

In order to ensure that you find the right match for your future groom, consider these materials commonly used to produce men’s handmade wedding bands:


The higher the gold carat, the more malleable the metal is which means a higher density and this means it’s heavier and more durable.


If durability and lustre is a factor when choosing a wedding ring for a man, then platinum is recommended. Not only is it the whitest of all the metals, but it also weighs 1.4 times more than 18ct white gold.

Also worth mentioning is that platinum does not require being alloyed with a base metal, making it hypoallergenic.


18ct white gold is also a very durable metal. Being far more durable than 9ct white gold, it is the most popular choice for wedding bands for men.

Coming in at the most affordable choice of the precious metals is the 9ct white gold mens handmade wedding bands. Usually a choice for a male who would much prefer to spend the money on his partner rather than on himself. Not recommended as a hard wearing ring.