Hand Made White Gold Wedding Bands

White gold wedding rings like all wedding bands are worn on the left-hand finger next to the pinky finger to indicate the wearer is married. The placement on this finger goes back in time and was believed this finger had the biggest vain that let directly to the heart.  White Gold wedding rings are commonly alloyed in 18ct White gold or 9ct White gold. The 18ct White gold wedding band is the purest of all metals due to the high purity of the metal & density. It consists of 75% pure gold, ours alloyed with Palladium. It is a very hard wearing metal that matches yellow and rose gold engagement rings.

White Gold Wedding Rings – The most popular choice

9ct White gold consists of 37.5% pure gold which is half that of 18ct White gold. 9ct White gold has a large amount of Palladium which makes it a soft metal in comparison to 18ct White gold. The majority of white gold wedding bands are 18ct due to them being more durable, especially when placing Diamonds or gemstones in themMy customers most popular wedding ring choice is definitely the 18ct White gold. A lot of people ask me, as a goldsmith, which is the preferred metal? I much prefer to sell 18ct White than 9ct White due to its durability. I prefer people don’t encounter unnecessary early wear & tear based on my recommendation. 

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White Gold Wedding Rings Melbourne

We recommend you allow at least seven weeks before the big day to order your wedding ring. Most people order their wedding rings, on average, 3 months prior to the big day.

We at Simon West Fine Jewellery also have diamond earrings & pendants on display to complement your engagement and wedding rings on your special day.

Hand Made white gold wedding rings
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Hand Made white gold wedding rings
Selecting white gold wedding rings is a much different experience of selecting the wedding rings in other metals and those with stones such as diamonds. Simon West White Gold wedding rings are custom designed and hand made in our Melbourne workshop.