Custom Made Platinum Wedding Bands

When it comes to choosing a wedding ring, it’s important to respect tradition but also be individual. Platinum wedding rings are made from a metal that was used by the Egyptians as long ago as almost 3000 years but wasn’t used in European jewellery until around 1780.

Platinum Wedding Rings are Pure and Valuble

Platinum has the highest purity of the precious metals used in jewellery with 90% to 95% purity. 18ct, however, contains 75% pure gold. Platinum’s durability is unrivalled. Because of Platinum’s super high density, it means it will outlast other precious metals in the long term comparatively. 

To produce one ounce of platinum ten tons of ore must be mined compared to three tonnes of ore to produce an ounce of pure gold.

Platinum weighs approx 1.4 times that of 18ct white gold & is hypoallergenic and resists tarnish. Platinum naturally is white with a high lustre and, unlike 18ct White Gold, doesn’t require Rhodium plating.  Platinum is mined in Canada, Russia & South Africa. In 2010 30% of platinum was used in jewellery with the bulk of it being used in vehicle emission control.

Wedding Rings Types other than Platinum

simon wests own platinum wedding ring

What did Simon West choose for his wedding ring?

I chose Platinum for my wedding ring. Being a Jeweller & goldsmith for over 24 years I have seen how all these precious metals wear over long periods. I love platinum for a few simple reasons. One of them was its purity. It’s the ultimate metal of all the precious metals. Its weight is what I love; weighing 1.4 times more than 18ct white gold it has a certain feel about it. You certainly know when you’re holding Platinum when you pick up a Platinum ring. The other reason is the lustre & just how white Platinum is. 

Having said all that my wedding ring has an inner sleeve of 18ct yellow gold. This means it is a two piece ring with the outer sleeve being Platinum & the inner sleeve being 18ct Yellow Gold for effect. It also features four panels so I can rotate the ring for a different look. The first panel is a classic look with a high polish. The second panel has a row of channel set black Diamonds for contrast. The third panel features my signature Riverbed design, this consists of circles. The fourth panel features white diamonds on the bevelled edges.

Platinum Wedding Rings and Bands Melbourne

Hand Made Platinum Wedding Rings
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