Selecting the appropriate diamond wedding bands for women is a much different experience than selecting the right band for a man.

A more fashion-forward approach will likely be taken when considering which wedding band to purchase for your bride-to-be.

Here are a handful of select tips to ensure that you find the right match for the love of your life.

Set Up An Appointment For Your Private Consultation

There are many factors to consider when browsing for wedding bands for women. You may want to consider selecting a wedding band that appropriately matches their engagement ring in the form of a set.

Simon West has a wide selection of elegant and creative designer bridal sets. We highly recommend taking the time for a personal one-on-one consultation session to discuss how you can choose the right bridal set for a consistent look from engagement ring to wedding band.

Consider Her Style When You Select Wedding Bands for Women

It is also important to consider the thickness and shape of your engagement ring to determine what metal you choose for your wedding band for women. In doing this you will achieve a look where the two rings together will look like a set and will flow.

It is important to consider the thickness and the shape of your engagement ring to determine the design of your wedding band for women. If you choose a plain wedding ring without diamonds, take into account you will get scuffs and marks all over very quickly as there is no top or bottom. If you choose a diamond wedding ring with diamonds engrained a third or half of the way around the ring, you’ll always wear the ring with the diamonds at the top. This means all the scuffs and marks stay at the bottom of the ring.

Consider Her Day-to-Day Activities

Understanding the regular day-to-day activities undertaken by your bride-to-be will also ensure that you choose the right wedding band. If the lady of your desire tends to work with her hands quite often, you may want to consider selecting a simpler wedding band.

It is not uncommon to select materials that are more durable for a woman’s wedding band as well. Much like a man that works with his hands every day and requires a more durable wedding band, women too may also require a more durable wedding band. For more durable women’s wedding bands we suggest platinum and 18ct white gold.