Simon West Fine Jewellery’s Rings of Desire Collection possesses a wide selection of engagement and bespoke custom rings or wedding. Come in to preview the rings in a private one-on-one consultation in order to have the perfect ring designed for your needs. (find just the one that is the right match for that special someone.

As unique as its wearer, you will fall in love with these handmade rings for wedding immediately upon sight, and you will be proud to pass on from one generation another.

Choose Elegant Styles of Handmade Rings for Wedding

With a striking array of quality cut gemstones, our Rings of Desire collection feature a vast selection of diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and many other precious stones. Adorned on the highest quality of gold and other precious metals, we are confident that our carefully curated selection of rings for wedding Australia-wide offer something for even the most eclectic tastes and desired price points.

From one and only masterpieces to popular designer fashions, Simon West Fine Jewellery has something for everyone to mark the occasion of such joyous events as the presentation of a promise ring, engagement ring, or wedding band for him or her.

The sheer brilliance and quality of our selection will ensure that the wearer of one of our Rings of Desire will be satisfied and stand the test of time, able to be cherished generation after generation.

Nothing sets the mood and creates a long lasting impression like one of Simon West Fine Jewellery’s custom rings for wedding. The quality cut of our gemstones possess a brilliance and lustre that is hard to come by in rings for wedding Australia or other countries.

From the popular cushion cut diamond, to the sophisticated round brilliant cut diamond, there is something for everyone in Simon West Fine Jewellery’s collection that will appeal the unique sensibilities of either a man, or a woman.

The symbolism of a bespoke diamond engagement ring, or handmade wedding ring is a powerful, cherished, and revered tradition dating back over 6,000 years with good reason; a quality cut diamond symbolizes true love and fidelity, and makes the perfect gift or namesake to commemorate the way our special someone makes us feel.

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If you are going to tell your significant other that you love them in a way like none other this year, say it with a quality custom ring of desire from Simon West Fine Jewellery. You will be immensely happy you did.