Hand Made Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Our yellow gold Engagement ring Diamonds and bands including gold are ethically sourced from all over the world but mainly Canada, Mumbai, Israel & Belgium. We guarantee conflict-free & mostly GIA certified Diamonds to embed into our yellow gold engagement rings.

Simon West hand makes 18ct yellow gold engagement rings that show off elegance. 18ct yellow gold offers a great contrast against coloured gemstones as well as diamonds and also match up beautifully next to a yellow gold wedding band. View some of our most popular styles below or book an appointment at our Melbourne showroom to have a dazzling engagement ring designed just for you.

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings of Desire

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings Melbourne

Picking perfect pretty yellow gold engagement rings is an exciting and unimaginable experience for both of you. In order to make the perfect ring, there is a lot of detail and information that you’ll need to do your research on.  We here at Simon West will do our very best to ensure you understand all the in’s and out’s before embarking on this process. Once you understand all the information, you will need to think about design, quality and the service and experience. At Simon West, you will be sure to experience the top level service and experience taking off some of the stress and pressure when making the decisions to ensure you finding and have made the perfect engagement ring in Melbourne.

Simon West puts his heart and soul into making beautiful yellow gold engagement rings to make sure they are made to your standards. Using  techniques that less than 10% of jewellers use, meaning Simon West knows how to create the perfect ring for you.

The process of making a custom made yellow gold ring can be a process, however the Simon West team will give you all the important information to leave you happy with your ring. We can help you sort through the range of diamonds in store and  discuss their sizes, as well as band metals, styles and clarities and explain the complete process to leave you sure that you and your loved one are in the perfect hands. We also have a wide range of rings at our showroom in the CBD that will help you choose particular sizes and shapes for your ring. If there’s a particular ring that catches your eye feel free to also bring examples of rings that you love and we can design a similar ring.

Watch this video the process and expertise you’ll find when having the perfect engagement ring made at Simon West.

Do you need help finding out your future wifes ring size measurements in a subtle way? This is a critical piece of information, with out this how do you choose the perfect yellow gold engagement ring? Here are some tips and tricks to help determine her perfect size.

  1. If she goes out for the day, simply go into her jewellery drawer and take a ring that she would usually wear and you know she won’t miss for a day and take it with you to the jeweller to go off.
  2. If you have a feeling she will notice one of her rings are gone, feel free to take a pencil and with a piece of paper, trace the inside of the ring while she’s busy and give it to Simon and his team of jewellers to go off.
  3. Incase you get it slightly wrong, there’s no need to stress, we can easily adjust her ring to fit her finger perfectly.

Taking a quick visit to Simon West’s showroom in the middle of Melbournes CBD will have you picking a diamond in no time! We will help you choosing the clarity as well as carats so you can choose from a range of coloured gemstones or pure loose diamonds.  Loose diamonds are a great place to start when trying to design. If you really like an in store style we can hand make a similar one for you. Regardless of whether of the colour, Simon and his team ensure you choose the perfect diamond for your perfect engagement ring. Simon and his team of experienced jewellers will guide you through which engagement ring designs will be the best option for you and your partner.

Trying To Pick The Right Diamond For Your Ring:

In order to pick the perfect diamond or gemstone you will need to sift through a range of shapes and sizes that Simon will help you with,. As well as the clarity and colour of the solitaire diamond of your engagement ring.

Choosing A Particular Metal:

Depending on your brides particular fashion taste she may wear mostly silver or white gold/platinum jewellery then a White Gold or Platinum metal would usually be the best option. Although,  if she tends to steer away from particular colours, a Rose Gold or Yellow Gold may be another good option. Most people tend to favour a Platinum or White Gold look and feel for their engagement rings all of which Simon can make for you.

Picking A Certain Design:

Have a particular design in mind? To ensure the right design is chosen, Simon West and his ins store team have a worldly experience and vast range of engagement rings on display where you can decide what  particular design suits your partners particular hand. For most people the most important types of the engagement ring design is the setting. There are many ways that you diamond can be set, therefore Simon and his team will explore all the possible ways that your chosen diamond can be set.

Your Simon West yellow gold ring deserves to be as clean and looked after as possible. Therefore it makes sense that you want to keep your ring shining the day it gets a bit dirty, and this can be done, as long as you use the products. Here at Simon West Fine Jewellery we offer a life time ring cleaning service that is available for you to use when required. Although if you’re located too far to have a visit at our CBD showroom, here are some of our top tips for cleaning your ring at home.

Here’s How to Clean Your Yellow Gold Engagement Ring:

Your ring can easily get tarnished because of everyday  cosmetics you can find around the house, any at home soap will help keep your ring shining for a while before you get it professionally cleaned. We recommend mixing some warm tap water and dishwashing soap, then soaking the ring for approximately 30-40 minutes. Once this is done gently brush the ring with a soft toothbrush and finish by running the ring under cold water and dry.

How Often Does My White Gold Ring Need To Be Cleaned?
The best practice tends to be taking ring into your Jeweller to get  quick check up on the status of your ring every six months and to get the ring cleaned professionally. If you want your ring to remain stunning and sparkling you should aim to try and clean it at least once a week at home with some sort of ring cleaning product.

Hand Made White Gold Engagement Rings
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Simon West’s white gold engagement rings are elegant and possess elegance with a difference. Offering a great contrast to coloured gemstones and against a white gold wedding band, these white gold rings come in all different cuts, styles, and sizes.