Hand Made Morganite Engagement Rings

Simon West’s Morganite Engagement rings use local metals including gold and platinum. Diamonds are all ethically sourced from mainly Canada, Mumbai, Israel & Belgium, although can come from anywhere in the world. We guarantee conflict-free & mostly GIA certified Diamonds to embed into our  gold and platinum engagement rings.

Simon West designs morganite engagement rings that celebrate the beauty of their romantic, light pink or peach colour. The popular engagement ring styles can be created with rose gold metal and you can have a custom ring crafted for you by Simon West with other types of Gold such as white gold or even platinum. Book an appointment at our Melbourne showroom to have a unique and one of a kind peach morganite engagement ring created perfectly for you.

Engagement Rings of Desire

Pink Morganite Engagement Rings Melbourne

Morganite is a gemstone. It mimics a pink diamond hence is sort after in engagement rings. Morganite is semi-precious and sometimes referred to as pink beryl. It belongs to the aquamarine and emarald families of gemstones.
In Morganite engagement rings, the colours of the different morganite stones range from pale pink to a darker orange coral shade. An engagement ring made from Morganite is popular with rose gold completing the feminine pink look or a contrast with white gold is also popular.

Trying to pick the perfect morganite engagement ring for your bride to be is an experience for both of you. In order to make the perfect ring, there is a lot of information that you’ll need to know.  We here, at Simon West Fine Jewellery will do our best to make sure you understand all the details before the exciting process begins. Once you get through all the information, you will need to think about design, quality and the service and experience. At Simon West Fine jewellery, you will be sure to experience the top level service taking away some of the stress when making the decisions to ensure you finding and have made the perfect engagement ring in Melbourne.

  1. When she is out of the house, go into her jewellery box and take a ring that she would usually wear and you know she won’t need for a day and take it with you to the jeweller.
  2. If you have a feeling she will notice one of her favourite rings are missing, feel free to take a pen and paper, place the ring on the paper and trace the inside of the ring while she’s busy. Give the trace to Simon and his team of jewellers to go off.
  3. Incase you get it slightly wrong, there’s no need to stress, we can easily adjust it to fit perfectly.

Simon puts his heart and time into making all of his morganite engagement rings to make sure they are made to your wishes. Using specialist techniques that less than 10% of jewellers use Simon West knows how to create the perfect ring for you.

The process of creating a custom pink morganite engagement ring can be ongoing, however, the Simon West team will give you all the needed information to leave you happy with your ring. We can help you sort through the range of diamond types in store and discuss their sizes, as well as metals for your band, styles, and explain the process to leave you sure that you and your partner will love their ring. We also have a wide range of rings at our showroom in the Melbourne CBD that will help you choose particular shapes and more. Feel free to also bring in some examples of the rings that you love and we can modify or design a similar ring to your dreams.

Watch the process and expertise you’ll find when having the perfect engagement ring made at Simon West.

The cost of Morganite Engagement rings and any custom jewellery depends on the stone size, cut, metal chosen and the design. But do you know about the engagement ring salary rule?

What is the three month salary rule?

The “Three Month Salary Rule” first started in the 1930’s-40’s when times were much more difficult. The idea was to encourage men to spend 1 months worth of their salary on a ring, however now it is around 3 months. Although depending on your other spending habits the “three month salary rule” can be a great place to start when deciding how much to spend on a ring either as a range or a set price, however after tax this can break the bank for a lot of people.

How much should you spend on the engagement ring?

The honest truth is that there is no special amount! For some the 3 month salary rule for an engagement ring is the perfect and fitting amount, for others it may be less or more. A better idea may be to look and focus for the actual ring not the price, and if it’s within the price range then buy the ring. For some people a give or take range for a ring is usually a better idea rather than a fixed amount incase the particular ring you like is slightly over and not feel like it’s too large a price.

A one of a kind Simon West Morganite engagement rings should be as clean and looked after as possible. Therefore it makes complete sense that you want to keep your ring shining throughout the day it gets a little bit dirty. Here at Simon West, we offer a life time ring cleaning service that is available for you to use when needed or required. Although if you don’t feel like popping in and having a visit at our CBD showroom, here are some of our top tips for cleaning your ring at home.

Here’s How to Clean Your Pink Engagement Ring:

Sometimes your ring can dirty or tarnished because of everyday and general cosmetics you can find around the house or in the bathroom, any at home soap will help keep your ring shining for a while. We recommend mixing some warm water and dishwashing soap, soaking the ring for around 20-40 minutes. Once this is done gently brush the ring with a soft toothbrush and finish by running the ring under cold water but don’t forget to block off the drain before you start!

When’s Too Long To Leave Before I Clean My Ring?

If you want your ring to remain sparkling you should aim to try and clean it at least once a week at home with some sort of ring cleaning product. However, if that seems like a time consuming process, you should bring it into your Jeweller to get quick check up on the status of your ring every six months and to get the ring cleaned professionally.

Please Don’t Use These Products on Your Special Ring:

Chlorine, bleach or acetone are all easily accessible household products that you should NEVER use on any type of morganiite, diamond or stone due to the harsh chemicals that can and will breakdown the metals in your band and ring which is a site nobody wants to see. When a ring loses its sparkle it can be quite frightening and can happen quite quickly, although it may only be because it’s a ring that hasn’t been properly cared for, so there is no need to stress! Bring the ring into Simon West Fine Jewellers and we will do our best to advise you with the next steps!

Ring insurance is usually a topical thing amongst couples, however, ring insurance can be a huge lifesaver if you misplace your ring. That’s why ring insurance for some people is a must! If something were to happen to it you would want your precious peachy ring back.

There a few options you can choose from.

Option 1: Contents Insurance 

Many home and contents insurance policies will cover some sort of ring cover if the ring is lost, damaged or stolen within your house. Although many people steer away from this option as most insurance companies have a limit as to the amount you can claim back on the ring. Ie if you lost your ring and it cost $8,500 you may only get $1500 back, although this may be the most convenient option.

Option 2: Specialised Insurance

You can also have your engagement ring insured individually separate to your contents insurance. This is very easy to do with specialised insurance. Specialised insurance policies end to carry a higher level of cover than your usual contents insurance. Benefits include an agreed additional replacement, a value policy, free annual revaluation, worldwide cover, and repair and replacement at your preferred jewellers.

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Simon West designs morganite engagement rings that celebrate the beauty of their romantic, warm colour. The popular engagement ring styles can be created with a white gold, white gold band or you can have a custom ring crafted for you by Simon West with other types of Gold such as yellow gold or even platinum.