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Simon West’s round Brilliant Cut Engagement Rings are custom designed and handmade in Melbourne. A round brilliant Cut diamond is one of the world’s most popular diamond cuts for engagement rings. The round cut diamond delivers a dazzling sparkle and a graceful, feminine style. Your bride to be will be in awe with one of our hand made brilliant cut diamond rings, crafted in your choice of white gold, pink gold, yellow gold or a platinum band.

Consider some of our most popular brilliant cut engagement rings designs, book an appointment at our Melbourne showroom for our free diamond 101 consultation and see which one-of-a-kind piece you would like designed.

Our brilliant cut diamonds are ethically sourced from many parts of the globe including Australia, Canada, Mumbai, Israel & Belgium. All our diamonds are guaranteed conflict-free & are most are GIA certified.

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Diamond Brilliant Cut Engagement Rings Melbourne

The Round Brilliant diamond as a cone shaped bottom, yet is round on top. It is known as a classic diamond cut and is popular in every style of diamond jewellery including engagement rings.  The Round Brilliant cut diamond can be used as a centrepiece in a solitairre or sides of a triology for example. There are many ways to design a brilliant cut diamond into your custom designed engagement ring hand made by Simon West Fine Jewellery.

The Round Brilliant diamond has a total of 58 facets but some will say 57 as they may exclude the culet. The 58 are made up of

  • crown – 33 facets
  • The pavilion – 25
Get your brilliant cut diamond into your custom designed engagement ring hand made by Simon West Fine Jewellery.

A  quick visit to Simon West’s showroom in the CBD will help you with picking a brilliant cut diamond and assessing the clarity as well as carats so you can choose from a range of coloured gemstones or pure loose diamonds.  Loose brilliant cut diamonds are a great place to start. If you really like an in store style we can hand make a similar one for you. Regardless of whether they are white, yellow or pink diamonds, Simon and his team of jewellers will ensure you choose the perfect brilliant cut diamond for the engagement ring.  Simon and his team of experienced jewellers will guide you through the process and ensure they take the stress away.

Picking the correct brilliant cut diamond:

In order to pick the right diamond or gemstone you will need to sift through a wide range of shapes and sizes on the market. As well as the clarity and colour of the solitaire diamond of your engagement ring. Simon and his team will guide and give detailed information on all the available options to you when choosing a diamond.

Choosing the Metal:

The most popular metals for engagement rings are usually White Gold, Platinum and Rose Gold all of which Simon can have prepared for your ring. Depending on your bride to be’s taste she may wear mostly silver or white gold/platinum jewellery then a White Gold or Platinum metal would usually be the best option. Although,  if she tends to steer away from particular colours, a Rose Gold or Yellow Gold may be another good option.

Pick A Design:

To ensure the right design is chosen, the Simon West team and store has a vast range of princess cut engagement rings on display where you can decide what  particular design suits your partners particular hand. For most people the most important types of the engagement ring design is the setting. There are many ways that you diamond can be set, therefore Simon and his team will explore all the possible ways that your chosen diamond can be set.

Finding brilliant cut diamond rings that are perfect and fit your bride’s personality and finger is an exciting experience for both of you. In order to make the perfect brilliant cut engagement ring there tends to be a lot of information you’ll need to know about the different carats, the metals that will form the base of your ring and in’s and out’s of gemstones. We will do our best to make sure you understand all the needed details before the exciting process begins. Once you get through all the information, you will need to think about design, quality and the service and experience. At Simon West fine jewellery, you will be sure to experience all at superior levels taking away some of the stress and pressure when making the decisions to ensure you finding and have made the perfect engagement ring in Melbourne.

Simon put his heart and soul when hand makes all his engagement ring to ensure they are made to your wishes. Using specialist techniques that less than 10% of jewellers use Simon West knows how to create the perfect ring for you.

The process of creating a custom made brilliant cut engagement rings can be a long and ongoing process, however, here at Simon West we will give you all the information need to leave you happy with your ring. We can help you sort through the vast range of diamond types and sizes, as well as band metals, styles, and explain the complete process to leave you sure that you and your partner will love their ring. We also have a wide range of rings at our showroom in the CBD that will help you choose particular shapes and more. Feel free to also bring pictures or examples of rings that you love and we can modify or design a similar ring to your dreams.

See this video to watch the process and expertise you’ll find when having the perfect solitaire engagement ring at Simon West.

Do you need to find out your brides ring size measurements? This is a critical piece of information, with out this how do you choose the perfect princess cut engagement ring? Here are some options to help determine her perfect size. However theres no need to worry if you get the  wrong size as all our engagement rings can be adjusted.

  1. When she is out for the day, go into her jewellery box and take a ring that she would usually wear and you know she won’t miss for a day and take it with you to the jeweller to go off.
  2. If you have a feeling she will notice one of her rings are missing, feel free to take a pencil and with a piece of paper, trace the inside of the ring while she’s busy and give it to Simon and his team of jewellers to go off.

Simon West’s unique brilliant cut engagement rings are easy to clean. There is nothing more beautiful than looking at your engagement ring shine in the sunlight, therefore, its only natural to want to clean and beautify your ring the second it gets slightly tarnished. At Simon West Fine Jewellery we have a lifetime ring cleaning service that you can use if needed. Although if you’re under a time constraint here are some of our top tips for cleaning your ring at home.

Clean Your Engagement Ring At Home:

If you have made your ring dirty or tarnished due to general cosmetics you can find in your bathroom, any at home product such as  soap will help bring the ring back to life. We usually recommend creating a mixture of warm water and dishwashing soap and soaking the ring for 20-40 minutes in a safe place whilst gently brushing the stone with a soft toothbrush. Once it has soaked make sure to wash off the solution under warm running water.

Do Need To Clean Your Ring Often?

You can make your ring to look the absolute best if you aim to try and clean it once a week. Although if that’s too often for you, you should try to take your ring to your jeweller around twice a year.

What Products You Shouldn’t Use on Your Ring?

When a ring loses its sparkle it can be quite scary, although it may only be because it’s a ring that hasn’t been properly cared for. Simon West says that you never use a household cleaner such as chlorine, bleach and acetone. These shouldn’t be used for ring cleaning as they tend to be too harsh and can break down the metal in your ring.

Do you question whether you should insure your new engagement ring or not? Ring insurance can be a game changer if you lose of misplace your ring. That’s why ring insurance for some people is a must! If something were to happen to it you would want your precious rock back.

If you don’t know where to start on insuring your ring there are several options and types of insurance you can choose from.

Contents Insurance 

Some combined home insurance policies or contents insurances will cover some sort of insurance or cover if the ring is lost, damaged or stolen within your home. However most insurance companies set a limit as to the amount you can claim back on the ring. Ie if you lost your ring and it cost $8,500 you may only get $1500 back. This will also usually not cover you for if you wear the ring away from home.

Specialised Insurance

You can also have your engagement ring insured separately to your contents insurance. This is very doable with specialised insurance. Specialised insurance policies end to carry a higher level of cover than your usual contents insurance. Benefits include an agreed additional replacement, a value policy, free annual revaluation, worldwide cover, and repair and replacement at your preferred jewellers. This option is a very popular option for most people.

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Simon West’s Princess Cut Engagement Rings are hand made in Melbourne deliver a dazzling sparkle and a graceful, feminine style. Your bride to be will be in awe with our hand made princess cut diamond rings in white gold, pink gold or platinum metal band.